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Surgical Procedures

Some Procedures for Mild Bunion Correction Include:

  1. McBride Bunionectomy
  2. Austin Bunionectomy

McBride Bunionectomy

Austin Bunionectomy

Austin Cut Diagram

Some Procedures for Moderate Bunion Correction Include:

  1. Long Arm Austin Bunionectomy
  2. Shaft Osteotomies

Long Arm Austin

Shaft Osteotomy

Shaft Osteotomy


Some Procedures for Severe Bunion Correction Include:

  1. Base Osteotomies
  2. Lapidus Procedure
  3. Arthrodesis (Fusion) 1st MPJ

Base Osteotomy

Lapidus Procedure

1st MPJ Arthrodesis

Some Procedures for Correction Hallux Limitus/Rigidus Include:

  1. Cheilectomy
  2. Youngswick Bunionectomy
  3. Joint Replacement
  4. Arthrodesis (Fusion) 1st MPJ (see above)


Youngswick Bunionectomy

Joint Replacement

(Arthrosurface Implant)

Some Procedures for Correction Hallux Varus Include:

  1. Soft Tissue Release
  2. Osseous Procedures
  3. Combined Soft Tissue and Osseous Procedures

Soft Tissue Release

with Arthrex Tight-Rope Repair

Osseous Procedure


Hallux Varus Repair

with Weil Osteotomy ans Hammertoe Correction 2nd, 3rd, and 4th digits

When Performing Bunion Correction, it is common to perform adjunct, or related, procedures such as:

  1. Akin Osteotomy
  2. Hammertoe Correction
  3. Tailor's Bunionectomy
  4. Weil (or shortening) osteotomy of the lesser metatarsals

Akin Osteotomy


Akin Osteotomy with Arthrex Plaple

Hammertoe Correction with Weil Shortening Osteotomy

2nd toe arthrodesis with Hammerlock Implant

Tailor's Bunionectomy


with Correction Hammertoe 5th toe